Vertax helps companies improve their business expansion strategy with adding on synergy partners. Time is essence in current market scenario where dynamics changes rapidly.We provide a platform to our clients of successful mergers & acquisitions through an integrated, solution driven approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration

Invest with a thesis. Successful deals are guided by a meaningful deal thesis that is tied to a firm’s growth strategy and that spells out how the deal will add value both to the target and acquiring company.

Identifying a target is always easier then executing it. There bound to be many factors which are not in equal shape, and companies must carefully consider aspects from cultural, operational and ground level approach in order to realize the full value of the deal. Combining two companies requires tireless follow-through on a well-developed synergic planning.

We help our clients in negotiations for making colloborations and joint ventures. Further, we provide assistance in finalizing MoU’s & term sheet for such collaborations and JVs.

We help our client in finding lending partners for turnkey projects.We have well spread network of FIs and VC for every type of opportunity.